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Exploring three new behaviours and beliefs in three key employment phases – Part 3

In this series of articles, my colleague Bart-Jan van der Linde (Principal Consultant) and I explore three new behaviours and beliefs; relationship focus, going the extra mile and love of learning. We look at how these work in practice when applying them to, what our colleagues in City & Guilds Group believe to be, the three key “employment phases”:

  • Getting into your first job
  • Being successful and fulfilled on the job
  • Progressing on to the next job.

In Part 1 and Part 2 we explored how employees and employers can adapt to the changing employment market for when “getting into your first job” and “being successful and fulfilled on the job”. We now look at Part 3 – Progressing on to the next job or life phase.

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Included in: Employee Engagement  Learning and development  Talent Retention 

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